Kristine Neil

phone: 403 669 3326

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Partner, Stone-Olafson • Vice President, Vision Critical Customer Marketing Manager, Kraft Canada • Director of Marketing, Cott Beverages Inc.

client success
Princess Auto, Epcor, ATB, Husky, Mark’s, Mayfair Diagnostics, Big Rock, Calgary Academy, Hold it All Inc., SaskPower, FCC

best at
Delivering the story buried in reams of data from multiple sources on one page, marketing, working with billion dollar companies, on-boarding clients, well-placed, jaw-dropping comments.

Kristine's pure marketing savvy is her greatest strength as a professional. It permeates and infuses everything she does to help her clients shine. She works hard for her clients, but insists it doesn’t feel like work when you love what you do. She's one of the few in the business who's truly proficient in tackling a business challenge whether it requires a rigorous quantitative or personal qualitative approach, or just re-works and re-thinks the data clients already have.

With the heart of a client and the mind of a researcher, she knifes through the noise and gets to the critical issue, and frankly, for most of her clients that’s “how do we make more money?”. Whether it’s an advertising and communications challenge, or understanding product development and consumer experience, Kristine knows how to dig the most out of what consumers say, turn it into what they mean, and (most importantly) provide realistic, practical advice about what her clients need to do—because she’s been there, and not all consultants realize what it’s like to be a client.