Gillian Grantham

phone: 403 703 4894

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Associate Vice President, Ipsos-Reid • Senior Research Manager, Ipsos-Reid

Client Success
Calgary Co-op, Calgary Chamber, Calgary Stampede, Calgary International Film Festival, Forzani Group, McKesson Canada, Telus, The City of Calgary

Best at:
Keeping people connected, staying on top of details, making clients’ lives easy… basically, everything.

An outgoing “people-person”, it’s only natural that Gillian truly loves to figure out the complexities of how people think and why they do what they do. Her passion for delving into the consumer experience is complemented by what some may call “Type A personality” or what Gillian simply refers to as attention to detail. Priding herself on leaving no loose ends, she is responsive to client needs, digging deep into the data to find the detailed insights that will provide next steps, solve the problem, and ultimately drive the business. She’s a versatile consultant who can take the details and translate them into something clients can use.